Collectively, the three core elements capture the signature personalized learning experience we aspire to offer every Monmouth student. These elements are essential to both undergraduate and graduate studies, and when tailored to both the specific programs and students’ individual needs, the result is a transformative-learning experience – for everyone.

Monmouth’s graduate students particularly value opportunities to engage very closely with faculty, either on our main campus or our nearby campus at Monmouth Park Corporate Center. By emphasizing market-relevant graduate programs tied to strong student demand, together with our faculty expertise in departments and through the Centers of Distinction, we will raise our commitment to graduate education in the years ahead to new heights.


Going forward, we will develop more customized, trans-disciplinary graduate programs (e.g. business, communication, technology, health sciences, public policy, coastal studies) that meet the specific needs of regional and national employers and provide our graduate students with a solid foundation for successful careers.

On all these graduate fronts and more, our plan is to continue and sustain this ambitious trajectory based on a methodical analysis of program market relevance tied to strong student demand and faculty expertise.